CONFORMITÉ RGPD Expertise and support for companies in implementing RGPD compliance. Diagnosis, Audit, Analysis, Monitoring, etc....
GDPR compliance
Expertise & Support for companies and local authorities in the implementation of GDPR compliance  
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GDPR training to know how to implement an action plan


Audit of the entire information system to define the elements


Human Rights Counsel, Organizational Counsel


Expert consultants GDPR: theoretical and practical expertise

Software GDPR

PIA (Privacy Impact Assessment) software developed by the CNIL


DPO support or outsourcing service

Your GDPR expert

General data protection regulations

The IT expert who supports you in the GDPRcompliance of your company ! With a 360° vision on the IT of companies we have all the elements to carry out your GDPR compliance.

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your GDPR expert

Your GDPR support

Your support

Services we offer

Our method of accompaniment includes :  GDPR training of all the interlocutors of your structure in connection with the management and processing of personal data,
carrying out the IS audit; Implementation of PIA software; Completion of documentation up to the implementation of new processes for GDPR compliance; Accompaniment of the DPO; Outsourcing of the DPO.

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Your safety

Use an external service provider for :

  • His experience and knowledge of GRPR implementation

  • Avoiding internal conflict of interest

  • Save time by entrusting us with tasks you can't control

  • Not having to find internal resources or recruit new ones

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Mise en conformité RGPD en toute sérénité

Optimum protection

of your data

Enhanced protection and security of personal data used by your company & Risk analysis.

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Implementation of

good practices


Implementation of a single security framework in relation to the data stored, shared and processed by your information system

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Documentation to demonstrate

GDPR compliance

Be able to demonstrate the compliance of the processing operations implemented on the data held by your company.

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